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We listen to you, but what would you like to hear?

Validation is a very important element for an individual’s mental health. Expressing our feelings and having them validated and/or understood by someone out there can make us feel relieved and safe. This can happen when we listen and observe people from our daily life, whom we admire, and who are reaching similar goals simultaneously. These people can experience emotions very similar to our own in the process of building their achievements.

Undoubtedly, this is a very well-represented phenomenon that we can usually find in the podcast format, which has become a big part of the day-to-day life of most Internet users. A significant percentage of the answers to the questions we ask ourselves are found when we explore the web or social media in search of opinions, advice, recommendations, criticism, or approval by those who have shared their experience with similar situations. And this is precisely what we find when we listen to our favorite podcasts.

The thought-provoking conversations that a good-quality podcast can offer its audience can generally last around 15 minutes, but can oftentimes extend for several hours. And if we talk about time and the consequences of the ongoing pandemic that we have today, a larger number of people are now feeling loneliness, fear of forgetting, or depression due to spending very long periods of time isolated, afraid of contagion. That’s why one of the greatest advantages of listening to a podcast is the sensation of relief that comes from feeling accompanied by the creators of the episode we’re listening to.

Another great advantage that needs to be highlighted is the large variety of podcasts and topics of interest that you can find, since not only do they offer us endless sources of learning that could be very useful at any time in life, but also they can also encourage our interest to learn more about what we are passionate about. The topics could be as diverse as art, sports, health, mindfulness, politics, music, finance, cinema, etc. Keeping our minds open by constantly learning allows us to handle the obstacles of the day-to-day in a more enjoyable way.

Attending psychological therapy and maintaining healthy habits are key elements in our life. Entertaining ourselves with a podcast that keeps us focused and excited is an enormous way to nurture and help us balance our mental health, and it’s definitely worth adding to our daily activities. Within the great list of podcasts that can contribute creative and positive points of view, today we want to highlight our favorites (in English and Spanish) and share them with you.

- Therapy for Black Girls: With the weekly conversation that you hear from Dr. Joy Harden Bradford and her guests, you have a capsule of 1 hour or more of learnings about mental health, personal growth, and all the decisions we can make to become the best version of ourselves.

- En Defensa Propia: ¿Con que frecuencia te cuestionas intentar algo nuevo o no? ¿Te gustaría intentar evitarlo? Erika De La Vega trae a la mesa una conversación fascinante e íntima con mujeres de diversos países y con distintas pasiones que han atravesado por momentos que han desafiado su estabilidad de varias maneras y que han tenido el coraje de tomar la decisión de reinventarse. Un cóctel de momentos personales que estas mujeres extraordinarias comparten con nosotros y nos inspiran a enfrentar los retos de la vida.

- Dare to lead with Brené Brown: Most of us fantasize about a fairer world, right? And how many of us decided to take the reins to make it fairer? Brené Brown gives us conversations with all those characters who have had the courage to lead the battles that many have not. Stories could be the vessel for that impetus and courage that you needed to set a goal and achieve it.

- DEMENTES PODCAST: Diego Barrazas intercambia ideas y explora en las experiencias relatadas por sus invitados, creando una conversación en donde narra la trayectoria al éxito desde puntos de vistas creativos de cada uno de ellos. Las figuras que acompañan a Diego son personas que desafiaron el status quo y se han atrevido a trabajar por lo que realmente les apasiona, sin necesariamente seguir los estándares sociales correctos.

- Se regalan dudas: Por si no tenías suficiente, Lety Sahagún y Ashley Frangie te regalan una dosis de dudas con respecto a todo aquello que está o podría estar a nuestro alrededor. Desde temas. Comparten un espacio en el que mutuamente descifran sus cuestionamientos con la ayuda de figuras familiarizadas con el tema y que brindan una explicación de los eventos de la cotidianeidad más amigable para el público.

- The Hilarious World of Depression: There is an unconventional way to work on everything, right? John Moe demonstrates to us that fighting with depression with humor is actually possible. This podcast brings some laughs to a very stigmatized and heavy topic, always with the clear purpose of spreading the message so people with depression can know they are not alone.

- Uneducated Podcast: Is there something you want to know but feel ashamed of asking? Well, Cammie Scott could be your inspiration to work on improving that! In every episode of Uneducated Podcast, Cammie asks her guests questions about different topics of their expertise, this way we can all gain a better grasp on all sorts of subject matter. Go to our Instagram post to know more about those recommendations.

We hope this post illustrates another way to entertain you with more honest content. You can return to this post whenever you want to hear something and take some of our suggestions.

Let yourself feel encouraged and inspired. We hope to hear your story next time!

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