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"Progress begins the moment we decide to start the journey, not upon arriving."

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Let me introduce myself, I am Tanya Morshed and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I’ve worked for over 20 years as a mental health professional, and love it. It is purposeful and meaningful to be able to create safe space and provide support while people go on their self-discovery and healing journey. Since each person is an individual and influenced by the unique systems around them, I use an integrated approach to care. A holistic perspective allows the whole person to be seen and understood. Sometimes, people can feel like they have parts of themselves separated and/or disconnected, so it feels like they are in pieces. What  therapy offers is a way to help a person reclaim those pieces and become whole again, or to feel that way for the first time. Therapy isn’t easy but it is worth it if you want to heal, recover, connect, and discover
yourself. Many of life’s challenges and struggles can cause suffering, trauma, pain, and
distress; which can prevent people from knowing and living within their authentic self. It
takes courage to embark on the journey of self-help and growth, which is why seeking
therapy is not for the “weak” but a sign of strength.
Together, in therapy we can explore, understand, use tools and techniques, and
increase your resiliency through creative, individualized methods. The hope is to find
some relief, gain insight, increase functioning, and help you manage life differently. It is not always possible to have a place to be seen and heard without judgment and criticism, including within one’s self. That’s why one of life’s greatest gifts is to give yourself the chance to be supported and empowered so you can create the change you
want and live an authentic life.


I am clinically trained to provide a holistic, person-centered, and integrated approach to
therapy. Which includes: psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy,
narrative therapy, family systems therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, mindfulness

and psychoeducation. In addition, a humanistic, multicultural, and strength-based
framework fosters positive change and celebrates the uniqueness of each person.
I have worked nationally and internationally with a diversity of people from different
racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, age, orientation, etc. backgrounds. Particularly, people
who have experienced interpersonal violence and abuse, traumatic experiences,
complicated grief, depression, anxiety, identity exploration, spiritual impasses,
relationship challenges, family and caregiver responsibilities, peer relationships, school
issues, self-esteem, stress, life changes, and chronic illness in a variety of contexts.
I welcome people from all backgrounds to receive support.


My formal training includes a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lamar University, Master of Science in Library Science  from University of North Texas as well as a Bachelor of Psychology from Dillard University

Falling Leaves
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